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April 7, 2017: GANESHA, GOD OF WISDOM now available in MAHATMA Articles page

By  Editor Friday, April 7

This delightful article from the archives of HERMES complements the Symbol article, Ganesha. It becomes clear that frustrations to our plans and projects are not always unprofitable, as the article points out:

"Ganesha is thus the Remover of Obstacles. Even devotees of Buddhism and Jainism propitiate him first, seeking his sanction in their invocation of their chosen deities. He is that aspect of Cosmic Intelligence which aids the awakening and growth of those who are divinely disposed. He apparently helps the wicked also, but ultimately arrests their untoward undertakings. In this sense Ganesha is called Vigneswara, the Lord of Obstructions. He is capable of creating hindrances as well as clearing off hindrances. Through either mode he brings good to all concerned. Sometimes what is sought after by the devotee is not sanctioned. The disappointment brought about thereby is no doubt poignant. But in due time it is realized that the seeming obstruction is a blessing in disguise. Vigneswara wields the affairs of the world in such a way that the greater evils of life are warded off through the intervention of lesser evils. "

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