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Dec 31, 2015: New Mahatma Articles

By  Editor Thursday, December 31

Theosophy Trust has published another set of The Mahatma Articles. Drawn from the series that appeared in HERMES between 1975-1989, these remarkable writings hold innumerable clues to treading the spiritual path, such as the following from one of the Masters behind the Theosophical Movement:
And now, let me bid you farewell for the present until the next. Indulge not in apprehensions of what evil might happen if things should not go as your worldly wisdom thinks they ought; doubt not, for this complexion of doubt unnerves and pushes back one's progress. To have cheerful confidence and hope is quite another thing from giving way to the fool's blind optimism: the wise man never fights misfortune in advance. . . . The cause will never be ruined though albeit the Sisyphus' rock may crush a good many toes.

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