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Dec 6, 2015: THEOSOPHY ~ The Wisdom Religion was recently published.

By  Editor Sunday, December 6

The idea behind the book was to provide a single volume that would draw from a multiplicity of sources of the Theosophical Movement and introduce the reader to a very complex universe of thought, one that seems to many - justifiably or not - to be intimidating if not forbidding because of its rich vocabulary and unusual ideas. That this perception is incorrect was made plain by William Q. Judge in the introduction to his work, The Ocean of Theosophy. Likening Theosophy to an ocean was meant to illustrate that although its unfathomable depths give the fullest scope to the most intrepid thinkers, at its shore, the philosophy of Theosophy is gentle and placid enough to "not overwhelm the understanding of a child". The reader will find that the present work is similar to Mr. Judge's in that many of the articles are remarkably easy to understand, while others require a concentration and ability to think which we do not normally bring to our daily tasks.
From our vantage point of some 50 years of study of the philosophy of Theosophy, no introductory work would be complete if it excluded that most remarkable personage of Raghavan Iyer, who founded HERMES, a journal of Theosophical Wisdom, just prior to the beginning of the 1975 Cycle in Santa Barbara, California, as one of several vehicles for the current behind the 7th Century Impulsion. In that journal, he illustrated the ways in which Mahatmas have worked and continue to work in the world. In the HERMES article, "The Seventh Impulsion: 1963-2000", he made clear that the Mahatmic impulsions were concentrated in the last quarter of each century, but that preparations for them occurred earlier, and that their reverberations lasted far beyond the conclusion of each quarter-century cycle in an unfailing continuous stream.
This work is a comprehensive treatment of the scope of the philosophy of Theosophy, and will appeal to anyone who seeks to understand the depths of the Wisdom Religion.

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