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Microsoft Translator Installed on TT.ORG Pages

By  Editor Saturday, January 14

   We have recently installed the very ingeniously devised Microsoft Translator on Theosophy Trust article pages. Although far from perfect, this device can translate the text on the page from the original English into fairly correct renditions of any of 36 other languages, including all of the European languages plus many Oriental languages. This device - called a widget in the terminology of the web - resides in the upper left corner of each page. To use it, the visitor simply clicks on the black down arrow to open the drop-down menu, selects the language desired, and then clicks on the white right-pointing arrow. An MS Translator bar will then open at the top of the page, and a green progress indicator line will show the progress of the translation. When the entire contents of the current page have been translated, the progress indicator line will show as a solid bright green line from one side of the page to the other. Further translations may be done by using the bar at the top and clicking on the down arrow below the second language listed. The original language can be restored by clicking on the right-facing arrow and selecting \"Stop translating\". The Translator bar can be closed by clicking on the large X at the top right of the page.
   One of the very useful features of Microsoft\'s Translator is that when the cursor is hovered over the translated text on the page, the original text in English is displayed in a comparison window, so that the User can view both languages simultaneously sentence by sentence, thus making a comparison between the original and the translating much easier than would be otherwise.
   Lastly, the visitor can highlight and copy over any of the translated text and paste it elsewhere by means of the operating system\'s Clipboard, if the Visitor is using one of the versions of MS Windows.
   This Translator is usable with any browser.
   We wish to express our great gratitude to Microsoft for making this incredibly useful  tool available to the web community. It will surely aid many in accessing literature on the web that heretofore was terra incognito to them.
   (TT.ORG has not quite completed the work of installing the Translator on all of its pages - that work is in progress and will be completed by the end of January.)

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