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"Libra" - The Sixth of the 12 HERMES Astrological Articles

By  Editor Friday, September 24

\"Libra is the sign of equilibrium in the Three Worlds. It is the scale which designates the balance between the solar world and the planetary manifestations, as well as between the spiritual and personal ego of man. Its name changes from the Italian libra to the French balance, the German wage and the Anglo-Saxon pund. The Greeks called it σταθμος (stathmos) or the weight-beam, while another name, λιτρα (litre), made its way into the Sicilian dialect and eventually gave birth to the Roman libra. In all these names for the celestial scales, the standard of weight, measurement and even payment on earth is an echoed reflection of a greater cosmic balance, a justice which oversees all levels of manifestation. If the wages of sin are retribution through karmic law, so the wages of the worthy toiler are payment for the energy, for the days and months and years spent in the service of a larger work. The ignorant man asks only for what is due to him from the world; the wise man seeks the greater balance within himself.\"

Thus begins LIBRA, the sixth of the 12 HERMES essays on the astrological signs, written from the Theosophical perspective.

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