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"Leo" - The Fourth of the 12 HERMES Astrological Articles

By  Editor Friday, July 23

\"Like a vision of Merlin, the romance of the Holy Grail sprang from an unseen source and lives timelessly in the imagination of men. Tendrils of mist shroud the beginnings of such ideas and their emerging forms only later become crystallized in the shape of a vessel, a precious stone, or the leonine guards at the gate of Castle Mortal. Every man dreams of the divine, and it is in the greater passion that the impetus for its pursuit lies. The longings of a Lancelot may become ensnared in the coils of earthly beauty but the chaste strivings of Percival succeed in bringing him face to face with the awful beasts which guard the object of his quest. Some men have approached the two lions, red and white, and have trembled for a moment. Those whose hearts were greater than fear pressed forward and entered the fray.\"

Thus begins LEO, the fourth of the 12 HERMES essays on the astrological signs, written from the Theosophical perspective.

You can find \"Leo\" here:

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