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"The Mandala" Has Been Added to the Symbols Articles Collection

By  Editor Monday, May 3

The mandala is not an empty symbol - it is a living link that joins man with the greater forces operating through immense cycles in the universe. Composed of a \"series of enclosures of sacred spaces, the symmetry of the mandala has the power to achieve order through diversity and bring about a reunion with the unchanging non-spatial centre of being.\" It reflects and enhances the ways \"in which human beings attempt to order their worlds\" by identifying the unchanging spiritual centre of one\'s being, around which the \"disparate parts of one\'s being, of the world around one, may be regrouped. The mandala is composed around a metaphysical, irradiating central point of primordial energy, and it is the analogue to this centre that the individual must attempt to locate within himself.\" The article can be found on the Symbols Articles index page, or by going to:

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