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Yoga Vasishtha Maharamaya

By  Editor Monday, December 3

Theosophy Trust has added a new section to the Other Authors section - the Yoga Vasishtha Maharamaya, or Brihat (Great) Yoga Vasishta, as it is also called. The Yoga Vasishtha is a work of about 32,000 Sanskrit couplets, traditionally attributed to Valmiki, the author of Srimad Ramanaya. The Yoga Vasishta is considered the most authoritative exposition of non-dualist (Advaita) philosophy, the spiritual realization that all is One. Written down in the 11th to 14th Centuries AD, the work dates back thousands of years and is attributed to the ancient Sage Valmiki.
This ancient work is notable for the high tone and noble perspective it sounds, and seems to be unlike any others in our collective history.
Three selections have been posted - Arupa Manas, The Companions Of The Wise, and The Mahatma - and we will add more selections from this magnificent work in the coming months.

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